The Weber Family Genealogy

The Descendants of Ambrosius and Johanna Dorothea (Reiser) Weber
Teutonia - Brought Dorothea, Wanda, Laura, Olga, Otto and Albert to America

The Weber Saga begins in the eastern part of Prussia, Germany. Ambrosius Weber (1821-1883) was born on February 7, 1821 in Prussia. Johanna Dorothea (Reiser) Weber (1822-1903) was born on September 29, 1822, also in Prussia. The exact birthplace of Ambrosius is unknown. Because of what we have been told, Dorothea would indicate that she was from Berlin. The possible birth location for Ambrosius is in Silesia (Schlesien), Preußen, Germany. After WWII, this area of Upper Silesia was split between Poland and the Czech Republic. Many of the records, both church/parish registers and civil registration records, were damaged, destroyed or misplaced during the war.

It is believed that Ambrosius and Dorothea were married in Kaltwasser, Preußen, Germany and their five children were born there. Their children were Wanda (1851-1927), Laura (1852-1915), Olga (1853-1935), Otto (1856-1923) and Albert (1857-1940) . The family resided in Kaltwasser, Preußen, Germany in 1864, as indicated in their immigration records. Today, the town is known as Zimne Wodky and is located in Poland. The German residents were expelled from Kaltwasser after the war. The church and civil records were destroyed in the war.

Children of Ambrosius and Johanna Dorthea (Reiser) Weber